Career 20/20

So you know you want to transition into a different career. But you don’t know how.


It can be really hard to figure out how to shift from one career into another. The world wants to pigeonhole us and not everyone understands that some of us weren’t meant to do one kind of work forever.

I confronted this when I went through my own career change after I left my job as a public defender. I had to figure out my career transition for myself.

I can help you do the same.

This program is for those who know what kind of work or career change they want, but don’t know how to get there. It is designed to give clients the concrete next steps for their desired career transition.

What Career 20/20 Includes

This intensive one-on-one coaching program will jump start your career change in four sessions over approximately one month.

3 career coaching sessions (1 hour each) over video chat

    What are these sessions for?
    • to gain insight into your dreams, strengths, and passions
    • to start building a workable vision for your career path

1 fine-tuning session (30 minutes) over video chat

    What is this for?
    • to make final adjustments to your Career 20/20 Game Plan
    • to make sure you’re clear on what your next steps are
    • to ensure accountability systems are in place for you

An illuminating preliminary questionnaire

    What is this for?
    • to give you clarity before your first session
    • to help us hit the ground running in your first session
    • to give me an idea of what career paths and next steps would be a good fit for you

Resources and homework designed and curated specifically for you

    What are these for?
    • so you can really dig deep into what your career aspirations are, what your talents are, what you love and hate doing, how you best contribute to the world
    • to help you reflect on your sessions
    • so you have resources to help you in between and after our work together

One month of email support

    What is this for?
    • in case something comes up in between sessions, you can email me
    • follow-up emails and reminders to keep you focused and on track

Got more questions? I got answers. See coaching FAQ.

Program Structure

In the first three sessions, we will determine what exactly you need to do to transition into your desired job or career.

The fine-tuning session serves to make sure you know what to do moving forward and have accountability systems set up.

After each session, I send a comprehensive follow-up email with your to-do’s and resources to help you from one session to the next. This program includes one month of email support so we can work on documents offline and so you can get support on things that may come up in between sessions.


Career 20/20 is $720.

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Working with Cynthia really helped me to move forward when I sought a career “make-over” as a mid-career professional.
— Soraya Hurtado, Esq.
Cynthia helped me regain confidence in my abilities and a new appreciation for my work history. Now I have the tools to take control of my professional life!
— Jenna Harris