Who are your clients?

My clients are women and men who work in variety of fields, including medicine, law, business, journalism, publishing, filmmaking, activism, dance, and social work. They range in age from their 30s to 50s and live in the US and abroad.

Many of my clients are highly successful individuals – even though they may be uncomfortable admitting that! – who just need that extra little nudge or bit of support to get them where they want to be. Many have lofty dreams that are extremely important to them, and they know to play it smart and invest in themselves by getting a strategy and accountability partner – to make doubly sure that they achieve what they want.

I'm especially adept at supporting and empowering progressive women and women of color who are trying to do something different with their lives – something not mainstream, something that goes against the grain, something non-traditional.

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What do you help clients with?

I help clients with:

  • Career development, advancement, and change (including promotion and salary negotiation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Stress management and stress reduction
  • Time management at work (streamlining work tasks, increasing efficiency and productivity, and properly delegating tasks)
  • Time management outside of work (work-life balance, creating and prioritizing time for family, friends, rejuvenation, creativity, and personal development)
  • Organizational skills
  • Management of spending and finances
  • Building, developing, and strengthening healthy habits (including, healthy eating, sustainable exercise, practicing mindfulness)

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What is coaching with you like?

My ability to make people feel heard, understood, and supported is the foundation of my coaching. I'm able to identify, process, and analyze my clients’ needs and then resourcefully strategize with them to guide them to personal breakthroughs and realizations.

Though we all share commonalities, we are also different in many ways. Clients come to me at many different stages of their lives. Some are more ready for change than others. I carefully tailor my approach with each client – making sure that the way I'm working with them actually works for them :)

Sometimes that means helping someone figure out how to do their job more efficiently so they have time and energy left over for the rest of their life. Sometimes it means supporting someone to change careers, helping them apply to jobs, and advising them on how to negotiate job offers. Sometimes it's strategizing with someone about how to navigate challenging situations in their personal and professional life.

Whatever the specifics, I work in a consistent, diligent, and conscientious way. I love getting things done – figuring things out, making plans, seeing results. I'm extremely detail-oriented, organized, and have a weird a knack for remembering tiny details, all of which make me an ideal accountability partner. I frequently check in with my clients to make sure they are benefiting from coaching with me.

I help my clients get to their goals.

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What sets you apart from other coaches?

With me, what you see is what you get. I work hard to be as transparent as possible with everyone I work with. I want you to have all the pertinent information before you choose to work with me, which is why I – unlike many coaches – put so much detailed information including pricing on my website.

I used to be a public defender, so I'm an advocate at heart. My legal training taught me how to ask questions to get to the bottom of things, how to methodically analyze a situation, and how to brainstorm solutions and outcomes. At the same time, my coaching is extremely compassionate and caring, closely tied to my background in meditation and mindfulness.

Just as I know when to stand up and fight, I also know when to accept and let go.

I'm not afraid to think creatively about how best to support my clients – and not just during sessions! I often email clients ideas and resources in between sessions. I'm driven to see my clients through to their goals, whatever they may be!

I'm a nerd, have a quirky sense of humor, and speak my mind :)

I've always worked at my own self-improvement and my own journey has shown me what tends to work and what tends not to work. So when I advise my clients now, I focus on helping them make incremental and sustainable changes to their lives, ones that will actually make an enduring, positive impact in their future – not just a quick and temporary fix.

I do this by teaching my clients methods and processes that stay with them long after our sessions are over. I help them fundamentally shift the way they approach challenges, deal with stress, and live their lives.

Not only do my clients get to their goals, but they experience deep and lasting change.

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When and where do coaching sessions take place?

Most of my clients have weekly sessions. Sometimes there's a different coaching schedule (for example, in the Yes! Less Stress! program and for clients I've been working with for some time who no longer need weekly sessions).

We meet over video chat (normally Google Hangout, sometimes Skype or FaceTime) so that we can talk and see each other while we’re working – regardless of where you might live.

Yay for technology! Hope you like my goofy faces!


Why don't you charge per session?

Many coaches charge per session, that is, for their time in session with you.

That’s not how I roll. With me, you're getting way more than my time during our sessions. You get support throughout the week – in the form of Rapid Response email support, accountability emails to keep you on track, resources I send you, and follow-up emails to summarize what we covered in our sessions.

This is on top of the customized solutions and concrete results you’ll get from working with me. The value of our work extends far beyond the time that we spend together.

That’s why my coaching programs are structured as specific programs, with different objectives, but all carefully designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be in a set amount of time.

When you work with me, you know what to expect and you have a timeline to anchor you.

That being said, clients do have the option of continuing coaching sessions with me for as long as they find it helpful. After a foundation has been laid for our coaching relationship through one of the coaching programs, then there are several flexible options for continuing to work together!

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Can I do a payment plan?

Yes. For any of my coaching programs, we can figure out a way for you to pay in installments should you need them, although service fees will apply.

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Random fun facts!

I was born and raised in Newark, Delaware (the first state!), went to college in Providence, Rhode Island (small states represent!), and I'm very much a middle child.

I love tap dance, although I grew up doing ballet pretty seriously and didn't start tapping until about 30.

In my past life, I was a public defender in the Bronx in New York for six years. I handled all kinds of criminal cases, from petty offenses to attempted murder charges. All my felony trials resulted in full acquittals for my clients.

I have lived in Harlem, NYC, for over a decade. I've also worked and lived in Jackson, Mississippi and Boston.

I recently got my apartment re-stabilized after suing my landlord for illegally de-stabilizing it and hope to write a piece about that whole ordeal (sign up for my newsletter if you want to read it when it comes out!). I also recently lived through another battle – this time with bed bugs – and now feel even more like a real New Yorker (my reflections on this, Zen and the Art of Bed Bugs, is also forthcoming).

I'm a regular volunteer at my neighborhood bookstore, Word Up Community Bookshop, and will soon be pro bono coaching for a wonderful nonprofit I'm proud to support!

I do my best to live a right life, minimize my footprint, and tread gently on the Earth.

I'm pro childfree and I LOVE Rottweillers!

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