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You know how a lot of people get to a certain point in their lives and find themselves wondering, “Is this it?”

Maybe the job they’ve had for a few years makes them feel stressed and stuck. Maybe they have a great job on paper, but it’s not a good fit for who they truly are. Or maybe their work has simply taken over their lives.

Whatever the situation, the bottom line is that they're not happy with how they're living their life.

Well, I think life's way too short for all of that.

That's why I provide highly customized coaching for my clients – mostly progressive women and women of color, who are often pursuing an unconventional path – to get their work and personal lives back in sync, and get them to their goals.

We don't want to wake up one day full of regret about our life and career decisions.

But figuring out what's not working in your life, what you really want, and how to achieve it can be stressful, overwhelming, or straight up paralyzing.

With my support, ideas, and guidance, it won't be.

Let me help you get to your goals.

Interested? Think we might be a good fit? Got questions?

No commitment, no pressure, no risk. Just an email – no strings attached.

Cynthia is amazing. She will get to your goals. She’s empowering, productive and consistent and very easy to talk with. What’s special about working with Cynthia is how extraordinarily present she is. She has a solid demeanor that is at once empathetic and professional. She is motivating but not pushy. She ALWAYS has a great idea when I am stumped. Cynthia’s great!
— Pooja K., from New York

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Am I the right coach for you?

You might be thinking that all a life coach is good for is saying things like, “The answer is within you,” and "Harness your full potential."

Well, that's not me.

I’m an incredibly pragmatic person. I used to be a lawyer. I'm obsessed with where the rubber hits the road. So I have a different background and a different approach.

When I work with my clients, my method is practical, down-to-earth, and goal-oriented – but also loving and compassionate. My clients get concrete results and a stalwart supporter.

If you want real insight, strategies for sustainable change, and workable solutions, then we should work together.

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You got questions? I got answers.


Coaching Programs


What clients have said about coaching with Cynthia

Coaching FAQ

You got questions? I got answers.