Comprehensive Coaching

“I should be able to figure things out on my own,” isn’t a winning strategy in life. If you have ambitious career goals or you’re looking for clarity in your career path, then you’re in the right place.


Comprehensive Coaching is best for those seeking ideas, strategies, and solutions to:

  • grow their small business or freelance career;

  • advance to a higher level of leadership and responsibility with confidence;

  • sharpen their negotiation skills – whether for a raise, promotion, or otherwise;

  • identify what kind of work of career would be an ideal fit for them.

This program is designed to give clients meaningful and enduring results. Clarity. Peace of Mind. Momentum. A sense of achievement. Confidence. Pride. Direction.

What Comprehensive Coaching Includes

This is a comprehensive one-on-one coaching program consists of eight sessions over the course of approximately two months.

8 career coaching sessions (45 minutes each) over video chat

    What are these sessions for?
    • to gain insight into your dreams, strengths, and passions
    • for me to get to know you and understand what you’re about, what is important to you in life, what you want out of your career, what the most urgent issues are in your life right now
    • to develop and implement a personalized set of tools, techniques, and strategies for you to live life the way you want to, on your own terms

An illuminating preliminary questionnaire

    What is this for?
    • to give you clarity before your first session
    • to help us hit the ground running in your first session
    • to help me think of questions and strategies for you

A clarifying goals worksheet

    What is this for?
    • to give us a road map for our sessions
    • to tell us where to direct our energy first
    • to keep us focused on where you want to go

Resources and homework designed and curated specifically for you

    What are these for?
    • to get you to your goals faster
    • to help you process, understand, and internalize what we talk about during our sessions
    • to give you written resources to help you in between and after sessions

2 months of email support

    What is this for?
    • in case something comes up in between sessions, you can email me
    • comprehensive follow-up emails that double as to-do lists and reminders to keep you focused and on track between sessions

Got more questions? I got answers. See coaching FAQ.

Program Structure

All the coaching sessions are tailored to your needs and your situation. First, we take your career aspirations and distill them into specific career goals. Then, we work systematically to get you to your goals, starting with your top priority goal.

There will be barriers and obstacles along the way. This program allows for navigating around and through them, supporting your growth and professional development over the course of the program.

After each session, I send a comprehensive follow-up email with your to-do’s and resources to help you from one session to the next. This program includes two months of email support so we can work on documents offline and so you can get support on things that may come up in between sessions.


There is a sliding scale investment for Comprehensive Coaching:

Annual Salary            Investment
$150,000+            2 installments of $1245
$100,000-$149,000            2 installments of $995
$65,000-$99,000            2 installments of $800
<$65,000            2 installments of $650
I ended up earning tens of thousands of dollars more than the cost of Cynthia’s assistance.
— Karli Robyn, Esq.

Comprehensive Coaching will give you tools and skills that you can use for the rest of your life to address the challenges that we face every day in our work. The program is an investment for you, your future, and your career goals.

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Cynthia is amazing. She has an incredible way of instilling confidence in a genuine and thoughtful way. And she’s empowering, productive, and consistent, and will get you to your goals!
— Pooja Kothari, Esq., Founder & CEO, Boundless Awareness, LLC
Cynthia’s coaching has been instrumental in giving me the insight, research, and strategy I need to grow my professional careers in both the corporate and entrepreneurship worlds.
— Jacque DuBose, Associate Trainer, T-Mobile & Owner, Jacque DuBose Knits