Embrace Change® Coaching Testimonials

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Attending Cynthia’s workshop gave me the courage to get out of a terrible job and get a new one – with the offer that I wanted! I thought I was being crazy when I started standing up for myself at work, but it paid off in something way better.
Cynthia’s words are so powerful. I feel really blessed to have been at her workshop. Seriously, THANK YOU!
— T.G.

This workshop helps you identify and articulate how we women self-sabotage ourselves and are socialized to behave in certain ways in the workplace. And it gives practical and empowering advice. I was afraid the workshop would become a “man-hating” forum. But it wasn’t at all; it was mostly a time to grow as women in self-awareness.
– E.T.

Career advice is something you need to practice and discuss, not just read or listen to. This workshop helps you do! My favorite part was how it centered intersectionality, social justice, and equity, and provided easy to use and remember tips.
I jumped at the opportunity to come to this workshop.
— F.G.

I enjoyed the hands-on, collaborative nature of the workshop. If you want to be motivated and encouraged to take the next step with your career, you should attend. I’m glad I was able to prioritize myself before work and make the time to come.
– T.T.

If you go to Cynthia’s workshop, you’re gonna get inspired! You’ll get new and practical tips and you’ll see that you’re not alone and we can all move forward.
— P.K.

I could see how much care Cynthia put into preparing this workshop and building this community. I got drawn in right away because of her passion, care, and commitment. It was amazing!
– D.J.

I would absolutely recommend this workshop to other women – just knowing you are not alone and feeling the group vibe was great. The workshop covered so much info in such a short time!
— S.H.

I’d recommend this workshop to any woman who is frustrated at work and under-valued!
– Anonymous

What was my favorite part? Cynthia’s energy, passion, politics, humor, and the tips, of course! The workshop was helpful, creative, full of smart and easy tips from a feminist!
— M.G.

This workshop was AMAZING. It was super helpful, well-organized, and with so much space for each of our personal practices and situations! I loved getting to brainstorm and then share out – both privately and collectively. I’d absolutely recommend this workshop to others. Cynthia’s feminist / WOC orientation is so welcomed and needed!
— J.L.

This workshop made me feel FABULOUS. Energized. Confident. Hopeful. THANK YOU. I’d absolutely recommend this workshop. It blew the box open on how I’d been thinking about applications of my skills and interests and gave me an appreciation for the power of (re-)framing. My favorite part was when Cynthia talked about all the specific reasons that having a conversation about what we do (and how and why) is a gift – specifically, no longer vying in competition, but setting our own terms and transcending the game. I was afraid this workshop wouldn’t be for me, but I am so happy I came – it showed me the many dimensions and shared threads across our work.
– J.A.

I feel encouraged and inspired after this workshop. Hearing what other participants had to share was interesting, affirming, and stimulating. This workshop gives concrete ways and language to start naming and valuing what you do and envision both full-time employment and freelance ideas.
— E.C.

I feel empowered from this workshop. And also aware of how much self-doubt and confidence issues play a role in my difficulty in marketing myself as an oral historian. I liked the strengths-based approach, focusing on what we love, what we do, and what we can do. This workshop was really valuable in getting oral historians to think more concretely about what we do and why other people should invest in it.
– A.C.

I feel more confident to do my next interview and to start the project I have been planning for a month. I have always struggled with whether I could do the project, whether I should do it, as I planned. But now I just want to enjoy the whole process and enjoy being an oral historian.
— T.L.

I loved the action steps and unique value proposition, all the practical parts! This workshop opened up my thinking and lightened my attitude about the future. I feel less stuck and frustrated.
– S.D.

I feel relieved after attending this workshop, in the sense that it now seems a lot easier to imagine new / other ways forward doing oral history work than it did beforehand.
— J.N.

I feel empowered and inspired by this workshop. You’ll get coaching and guidance – that push toward what you’re looking for.
– S.H.

This workshop made me feel great! I’m excited and enthusiastic, motivated to think about my goals as an oral historian.
— F.G.

Other Workshops, Retreats, Group Coaching Events

The retreat made me feel motivated, excited, and challenged and I am looking forward to reflecting on my work and personal life on a frequent basis.
I wish we had had this workshop earlier!

I feel amazing after this retreat! I have so many insights from my team that I feel like I understand them better. My favorite part of the afternoon was the guided reflection on growth and transitions. The examples of reframing our thoughts and the attention paid to the value brought by individuals (as people and not simply workers) were excellent! I wish we had scheduled this for a whole day. This has also helped me grow as a leader so I’m excited to build my next team with the knowledge I’ve gained form today! Cynthia rocks!!!
– J.M.

The retreat makes me feel like I know everyone a little better. It’s nice to hear others’ perspectives and to know that everyone is feeling the same. I hope I can use what I learned here to help myself as well as my friends.
Cynthia is awesome! Thanks so much for spending the day with us!

This retreat made me feel less anxious about the future and more equipped to take on future challenges. I realized that although challenge can be stressful, with a proper mindset, things will work out. Awesome retreat!

I feel more relaxed, reflective, and aware of what I need to accomplish next and how to do it, thanks to this retreat.

The section on breaking down goals was very helpful for us to learn good time management! The retreat was really great, thank you for organizing!
– S.C.

Cynthia was so great, she has a warm, friendly, open energy! She gave us great tips and I loved the discussion and group interaction.

Lots of helpful information. Super friendly, relatable, awesome. Perfect!

Cynthia is a great presenter – soothing and helpful. I wish it was longer!

Practical tools, helpful tips, not overly optimistic – really realistic in what steps can be taken. Thank you!