Accepting less means we'll keep getting less.

And it's not just about the gender wage gap.

What we accept will continue.

As women, we are socialized not to ask for more. We aren’t educated about how much we’re worth, how to advance in our careers, or how to actually get what we want.

Instead, we end up leaving money on the table, tolerating the status quo, and lagging behind our male counterparts.

Negotiating is stressful – especially if it’s for something you really want.

But if you’re In It To Win It, I can make this stressful process a lot less anxiety-provoking and a whole lot easier. In It To Win It is designed to help you plan out each step of your negotiation so that you will ultimately get what you want. You’ll learn negotiation techniques and get a customized script for your negotiation that will maximize your chances of success.

As a former public defender, I’ve negotiated when the stakes are the highest: will my client go to jail or will they go home to their family? I know it isn’t easy. Negotiating doesn’t come naturally for many of us. It’s a skill that most of us are never taught in any kind of educational institution – because, guess what, those in power don’t want the rest of us to learn how to get ahead.

So I’ve decided to do something about it and use the skills I’ve amassed over the last decade – as a lawyer and a coach – to help women like you close the gaps between us and men.

Because sometimes it’s not enough to simply know what you’re supposed to say or ask for – because when it comes time to say the words, we may find we’re not able to follow through. And that’s where I come in – to make sure you’re fully prepared to actually carry out the negotiation, which includes preparing you emotionally to go out and get what it is you want. Don’t worry, it’s less scary than it sounds :)

Are you ready to break free, push through, and demand more?

In this 3-session intensive negotiation program, we’ll figure out how to get you what you want – whether it’s a raise, a promotion, a change in work responsibilities, or something else that you feel stressed asking for. And you’ll leave with a fully fleshed out plan for how to handle your negotiation – because I care about where the rubber hits the road. How’s that sound?


Negotiating does not come natural to me at all and I was super anxious in anticipation of negotiating a better salary. But working with Cynthia alleviated my nerves. She gave me a ton of tips, some of which were not intuitive but surprisingly effective. And she created an easy-to-follow script for my exact situation. In the end, I got much more of a raise than I was hoping for!
— D.N., from New York

If you...

  • Want to be paid more,
  • Want a promotion,

  • Want a better job title,

  • Need better benefits from your job,

  • Are unhappy with your workload,

  • Are dissatisfied with your job responsibilities, or

  • Aren't given sufficient credit or compensation for what you do

...then this program is for you.

What we accept will continue. And if we aren’t happy with our current reality, then we owe it to ourselves to do something about it. If we do nothing, nothing will change.

If you're ready to get what you want, 
then sign up today for In It To Win It!


What clients have said about coaching with Cynthia

Coaching FAQ

You got questions? I got answers.


This is a personalized coaching program to prepare for and plan out your negotiation in 3 power-hour sessions. In It To Win It includes:

A customized negotiation script

    What is this for?
    • for you to use for your actual negotiation, of course!
    • to help you feel confident and secure in your specific negotiation

3 private, confidential, one-on-one Power Hour Sessions (60 minutes each) over video chat

    What are these sessions for?
    • Power Hour 1: to learn how to ask for what's appropriate (it's probably more than you were thinking of asking for); to start laying the foundation for a successful negotiation by doing the Emotional Prep Work with Cynthia in a fun, safe way.
    • Power Hour 2: to continue the Emotional Prep Work; to start developing negotiation strategies and a negotiation script
    • Power Hour 3: to finish developing the script; to practice the script; to get comfortable and confident for your negotiation

An illuminating preliminary questionnaire

    What is this for?
    • to help us hit the ground running on your first session
    • to help me understand what it is you want
    • to give me an idea of what else you could negotiate for
    • so I can start brainstorming how to get you what you want before we even start sessions

Resources, worksheets & homework designed specifically for you

    What are these for?
    • to help you feel more comfortable and confident with your negotiation
    • to unravel the internal barriers holding you back

"Rapid Response" email support

    What is this for?
    • to help and support you in case something comes up in between sessions – I won’t leave you in the lurch!
    • I aim to respond within minutes of an email from a client (and do so the vast majority of the time!) so that you're never feeling unsupported
    • recap emails that double as to-do lists and follow-up reminders to keep you focused and on track!

Think what it would be worth to have...

+ a higher salary,

+ a promotion,

+ the scope of job responsibilities that you want,

+ an appropriate work title,

+ the benefits you deserve,

+ more control over your work life,

+ more respect in the workplace, 

+ skills you can use over and over again to better advocate for yourself,

+ confidence, and

+ peace of mind.

Are you In It To Win It ?
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Normally valued at $599, In It To Win It will give you:

  • 3 private hour-long sessions
  • a negotiation script tailored to your specific negotiation
  • negotiation tools and resources curated for you
  • "Rapid Response" email support, and
  • the confidence and empowerment you need to ask for more and get what you want!

For a limited time, I am offering this powerful negotiation program for a

discounted rate of $499 – $100 off!

(A small price to pay given what you'll get in return!)

So, if you’re In It To Win It, fantastic! I can’t wait to work with you and get you what you want!

Let’s start off by scheduling a free consult, so we can make sure the program is right for you and so you can ask me any questions you have.

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Once you’ve booked your free consult, you’ll receive instructions on how to prepare for the call.

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What clients have said about coaching with Cynthia

Coaching FAQ

You got questions? I got answers.

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