Freelancers’ Edition

As women, we’re expected to put up with too much in the working world.
Enough is enough.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • need help setting and negotiating your rates so that you can be compensated properly for your labor,

  • are tired of feeling disempowered in your interactions with clients and potential clients, or

  • have trouble saying no and holding boundaries when it comes to your work.

Check out the trailer and more info below!

I feel amazing after watching this workshop. Cynthia has a gift for conveying practical and applicable advice in an accessible, relatable and, frankly, kind of revelatory way— “Oh! That’s what that feels like! I can do that!” This workshop is liberating and energizing.
— Jhaleh A.


Why I created this workshop:

The level of inequality that still exists between women and men in the working world angers me. Actually it makes me furious.

And I know I’m not alone. I have countless female friends, colleagues, and clients who have told me stories about how they’re sick and tired of being kept down and held back in their careers by patriarchy, racism, and by the individuals who benefit from them.

Those stories inspired me to create this workshop.

We may work in the same spaces as men,

but we don’t work in the same world as they do.

We need to know how to speak up, stand up, and fight back.

So if you:

  • don’t feel confident negotiating a higher rate for yourself

  • feel obligated to always say yes when clients ask for more

  • have settled for gigs or projects that are just “okay”

  • find yourself resentfully doing more work than agreed upon at the outset

  • habitually downplay your own value and contributions

  • tell yourself you aren’t good enough

  • are afraid to push back because you don’t want to be labeled “difficult” or “demanding” or lose the chance to do the work, and

  • are ready to take action

then this workshop was made for you.

Don’t Settle:

We live in a world that doesn’t exactly bode well for women, where frightening and dangerous things continue to happen to women, women of color, queer women, non-binary folks, and trans women every day.

If we continue to let things go, to stay silent, to not claim what’s ours, then it will continue to be the acceptable norm for working women everywhere to be treated as less than.

We can’t let that happen.

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What you’ll take away:

By the end of this workshop, we’ll have covered how to:

  • be a confident advocate for what you deserve (be it a higher rate, more appreciation for your labor, more respect for your boundaries),

  • set and hold proper boundaries as a freelancer or solopreneur, and

  • say no to scope creep, work you don't want to do, and to being disrespected.

This is not a lecture. It's an informative, results-oriented experience. You'll get time to practice what you learn and it'll leave you feeling ready, willing, and able to take a stand in the workplace.

Cynthia’s Stop Settling in Your Career workshop goes hand in hand with Jessica Bennett’s Feminist Fight Club. If you’ve ever felt short-changed or devalued by a client and/or workplace, you need to watch this workshop online or attend in person.
— J. Ortiz

Stop Settling in Your Career Online Workshop

In this timely, insightful, and transformative workshop, you will:

  • Learn 3 simple, high-impact ways to leverage your power as a woman who's a freelancer

  • Overcome the fear or discomfort you may have with speaking up for yourself

  • Practice what you learn

  • Receive invaluable handouts, worksheets, and resources

  • Get access to a private Slack archive for Badass Women

  • Be changed forever for the better!

Runtime: 50 minutes  |  Estimated time for individual exercises: 20 minutes

Price: $49

I stand by my workshops, so there's a 100% Money Back Guarantee
if you feel you didn't get your money's worth from the workshop.

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Don't wait – empower yourself today!

  • This is a great workshop to motivate anyone who is looking to get more out of their career. I learned a FANTASTIC strategy for me to use. I don’t know how the workshop could have been better – it was so worth it!
    — J.K.
  • My favorite part was the step-by-step approach for setting boundaries across a spectrum from immediate no’s to conditional yes’s. Cynthia breaks down what’s at the root of my hesitation to assert and hold strong boundaries, which helped me break the cycle of undermining myself unconsciously.
    — Jhaleh A.
  • All women need this workshop!
    — Workshop Participant
  • The concrete answers and tools from the workshop were my favorite part. Not that I didn’t expect to get such practical advice, but it was super helpful and simple – not just “theory” or ideas, but actual real words! I would recommend this workshop to other women who want to learn to be stronger, tougher advocates for themselves.
    — Nicole Espina
  • This workshop helped me think through one of the toughest things I've experienced freelancing/part-timing. I found the workshop to be direct and timely (hardhitting but with enough levity that I didn't feel exhausted at the end).
    — Sarah D.
  • This workshop helps you identify and articulate how we women self-sabotage ourselves and are socialized to behave in certain ways in the working world. It gives practical and empowering advice. And it helps you grow in self-awareness.
    — E.T.
  • This workshop showed me how to arm myself with the tools I didn't know I needed to better advocate for myself. It was also very informative in how to manage the expectations of a client through clearly communicated and set parameters.
    — J. Ortiz


About Cynthia

Cynthia is a feminist career coach who wants other women – especially women of color – to get paid more, promoted more, and given the respect they deserve. She loves seeing other women succeed, break barriers, and live their own definition of happiness. She has a knack for making people feel at ease and at home and for using this to build connections and community. In her past life, she was a public defender in the Bronx. For more about Cynthia, click here!