Reclaiming the Power of Your Story: A Workshop for Oral Historians

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Reclaiming the Power of Your Story: A Workshop for Oral Historians


Thursday, June 21, 7pm-9pm
Knox Hall, Room 509
606 W 122nd St, New York, NY 10027

Refreshments will be provided.

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This is an empowerment workshop for oral historians*.

Are you an oral historian who is struggling to reconcile your training and skills with making a living and paying your bills? Do you feel sheepish telling other people that you’re an oral historian because you’ve had trouble finding “official” or paid work as an oral historian? Do you want to strategize about ways that you can be humanely compensated for your labor and contributions as an oral historian?

If so, this workshop is for you. Join other oral historians facing similar challenges in the current job market and employment landscape. You’ll leave this reflection-filled and action-oriented workshop with new ways to view your work, talents, and skills – in other words, a new way to relate to your story as an oral historian. You’ll see how your skills and contributions have value and are marketable. You’ll have new goals for your oral history practice that you might never have considered before!

In essence, if you’re an oral historian who's ready to feel empowered,
then join us for this workshop!

*Although this workshop is geared towards oral historians, it will also be helpful and accessible to those who work as consultants or advisors in public history, multimedia storytelling projects, and art designers for installations and exhibitions.

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