Embrace Change® Coaching Testimonials

Individual Coaching

Working with Cynthia is like working with a Jedi master and realizing the force has always been within. Cynthia is clear, visionary, and enthusiastic. She helped me see how I have all the skills within me and reminded me of the connection between my work and my life mission. I truly appreciate her!
— Jamie Reyes

Hiring Cynthia was a game changer and I am so grateful. Because of what I learned in our session, I was able to negotiate a 10% increase in my starting salary at my new job!

If you're on the fence, do it – invest in yourself! It's worth every penny.

Cynthia is pragmatic, knowledgeable, supportive, and effective. Our session was jam packed with really helpful information and I'll have this knowledge for the rest of my career. So thankful!

— L.L.

Talking to Cynthia is like putting on a pair of glasses —everything that was fuzzy before becomes clear.
— R.F., Esq.

I used to think coaching was something that only CEOs or uber-wealthy executives did, but Cynthia's services are fairly priced and absolutely worth it. Coaching has helped me improve my productivity exponentially. I rely on external accountability to achieve goals, and Cynthia's organized, methodical, practical (yet flexible) approach work for my personal and professional goals.

Cynthia is a real human being I can connect with, not the overly perky cheerleader type I was fearing, and was able to understand my multiple-hat career as an academic physician.

My goals were initially to become self-sufficient not require a coach, and I think I could manage on my own, but Cynthia has been so helpful, I've continued sessions to expand on and advance my goals, especially as my personal and professional life evolves.

– Michelle L., MD, MPH, MS

Cynthia is a career coach extraordinaire. She helped me plan out how I want to develop the rest of my career. We’ve talked about side projects, goals, how to celebrate the little victories, and how to work in a way to prevent burnout and motivate change in ourselves and in others.
I’ve used some of her fantastic negotiation tips and tricks (which I know have worked for other clients of hers) and have learned so much in a short period of time. If you’re at a crossroads, considering a career change, or need a crash course in negotiation, Cynthia is the one to call!!!
— Lalita Abhyankar, MD

If you're at the point where you're considering career coaching, then it's probably safe to say that something in you is restless, lost, or looking for more. If so, you would absolutely benefit from Cynthia's insight and support. Not only is she encouraging, she provides tools and recommendations that have led to tangible benefits in my freelance career.

After our session, I was emboldened to ask for my worth with prospective clients. Cynthia's encouragement stuck with me so much that, during a recent negotiation, I actually heard her in my head telling me to, "ask for the rate, say why, and just send the email!" As someone who is used to underselling themselves, imagine my surprise and relief when the client accepted it!

I'm positive it would have taken me much longer to have the confidence to demand my worth had it not been for Cynthia's support.

– Nicole Espina

Cynthia helped push me to ask for a better offer than I would have done so by myself.
I ended up asking for a salary 20% higher than initially offered and the company gave me a 13% increase! I ended up earning TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars more than the cost of Cynthia’s assistance.
— Karli Robyn, Esq.

Cynthia is methodical in breaking down unclear goals or nebulous problems and setting out to find a resolution. She has a knack for putting people at ease to be able to tease out the actionable nuggets, and she's widely-read with a wealth of resources. Her clarifying exercises are the best – to get right at where things are not going well and identifying actionable steps to course correct.

– Nathalie A.. MPH

You should hire Cynthia if you’re serious about achieving a goal – she will follow through for you! Cynthia is a delightful human being and I’m so grateful for her time and that she kept me accountable. I should have come to her sooner.
— Vanessa Wool

Cynthia is an amazing, non-judgmental, active listener who lets you be a part of your own success! Before working with her, I was anxious and struggling with accountability and not meeting my goals. But her coaching gave me the tools to actually accomplish what I set out to do. I feel like I have more direction now, which is huge for me. And her encouragement and support have been priceless. An extremely heartfelt, Thank You!

— Sorayah Ferrer

Cynthia is SO thorough, knowledgable, and passionate about helping small businesses. She really loves what she do, and it shows through the time she took to research and learn about my business.

I’m sure it took many hours writing out the preliminary questions, looking through the Shop Latinx website, and sending me the post-meeting business suggestions and resources. And as a small business owner, this kind of high-quality work is definitely something I look up to.

I can be sure that every client of Cynthia’s is getting their money’s worth. I’m extremely happy with our work together and I can’t wait to tell others about it.

If you want clarity on your how to run or grow your business, Cynthia knows what she’s doing. She will deliver quality and insight on whatever it is you need!
— Brittany Chavez, Co-Founder of Shop Latinx

I always thought that individual coaching would be inaccessible, but I was glad to find that I was wrong!

Cynthia offers very personalized services, which have helped me realize the variety of skills I possess as an educational leader and how they could be transferable to other roles. She also helped me accept for the first time that I deserve to be compensated well for my labor.

I really enjoyed our work together!

– Ana Vargas, M.Ed.

Hiring Cynthia to gear up for a big career change is absolutely worth every single penny! She’s patient, kind, thorough and transparent – there were no hidden agendas or fees. I truly felt like we were partners and that she cared about my success. 

Not only did I get a fantastically written resume and bio that I am profoundly proud of (I never thought that would be possible), but I got a whole heap of CONFIDENCE too!

If you want to work with someone who listens, gives clear and effective feedback and inspires you to reach past your perceived limitations – then work with Cynthia!! There are lots of career coaches out there, but too many of them are just interested in your money. Cynthia is truly and genuinely interested in your success. 

Cynthia really has a gift for helping people reach their highest potential. I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with her!
— T.C.

Within only 24 hours, Cynthia helped me to power through a challenging job application. She worked really fast and was extremely responsive. Cynthia is warm, thoughtful, enthusiastic, casual, witty, extraordinarily prepared, and full of great ideas. 

She asks the right questions and listened to and encouraged me. Just by speaking to her, I felt re-energized and re-gained confidence in my career ambitions.

Beyond this job application, working with Cynthia helped me see that I am qualified to apply for leadership positions. She also showed me how to articulate my ideas in a more assertive way.

Every aspect of working with Cynthia was 100% satisfactory! I am so glad she was recommended to me!

– M.S.

Cynthia is real, candid, thoughtful, and smart. Talking with her helped me re-envision my career situation, better valuing myself as an asset.
— Makini Chisolm-Straker, MD, MPH

Cynthia is great at helping you come up with your own plan by just letting you open up about what you want and need to make change. I can't recommend Cynthia and her coaching enough because she is great at what she does because she genuinely cares about the people she works with.

Working with Cynthia really helped me to move forward when I sought a career “make-over”. As a mid-career professional, I wanted to venture into a new practice area and to do the reverse of what most people do at my stage: leave private practice to work in a small firm. It was basically starting over from scratch and I was considering whether it was a good idea even though I knew I desperately wanted a change.

Working with Cynthia is like getting a coach, cheerleader, mentor and good friend all in one. She really listens and knows how to help you to identify your goals, keep you accountable and serve as a cheerleader when it seems like you are miles away from reaching your end goal.

I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to make a career change and achieve better work life balance. 

– Soraya Hurtado, Esq.

Cynthia is amazing. She will get to your goals and make you accountable for them. She is empowering, productive and consistent and very easy to talk with. 

Before I started working with Cynthia, I felt overwhelmed by the start of my business. My attention was scattered everywhere. I didn’t know how to look at managing my flow. But now, I feel like there is control. Cynthia knows so much about marketing and branding and explains things to me in ways I can understand. She makes me think I can accomplish what I want!

I feel like she’s in this with me and I can rely on her! Her coaching comes up in my mind a lot.

Cynthia ALWAYS has a great idea when I am stumped. She clearly has done a lot of work before each meeting and comes prepared with creative suggestions.

I also really like how we discuss the personal and professional. It fits my personality and is just more realistic about life.

What’s special about working with Cynthia is how extraordinarily present she is. She’s an active listener and readily offers practical, professional applicable advice and approaches for whatever issue you present to her. 

Cynthia has an incredible way of instilling confidence in a genuine and thoughtful way. She has a solid demeanor that is at once empathetic and professional. She’s motivating but not pushy.

Cynthia’s great! I can't recommend her enough!

– Pooja Kothari, Esq., Founder & Facilitator, Boundless Awareness, LLC 

After just one short session with Cynthia, I gained the confidence I needed to go into a high-stakes meeting with my firm to discuss my future. I also got positive results by practicing affirmations daily, per her advice.

Having a coach who’s as knowledgeable and understanding as Cynthia is definitely worth it! Our partnership couldn’t have been better!
— Anonymous

Cynthia was just what I needed. She’s a smart young professional who understood where I was coming from and the unique challenges I faced as a young woman of color professional with an interest in public service and social change. She provided me with support and encouragement as well as substantive ideas and connections. She has continued to be a cheerleader for me. She really listened and helped me define my personal and professional goals and work toward them in concrete ways. 

Before working with Cynthia, I was feeling aimless and unsupported. I didn’t have confidence that my ideas about what I wanted in my career could be real. Coaching with Cynthia helped me define for myself what I wanted out of my personal and professional life. She helped me take my latent hopes for my life and articulate them. She makes me see that they can be realities and that I can work on improving my life through concrete steps. Cynthia helps me excavate what I know about myself to create an inner wise older sibling who I hope will continue to gently and kindly advise me as life changes around me.

I love the little gifts of resources that she peppers through our meetings. I appreciate her exercises and the step-by-step goal setting method. I also love that she addresses the personal and professional side-by-side because my life is both things, but it’s hard to find someone like a mentor who will discuss both with you.

Now I feel way more confidence that I am unique and have valuable ideas that I can realize in my life. Cynthia taught me how to think in terms of a concrete process with steps rather than imagine a vague future for myself. I get less caught in repetitive negative thoughts. I feel less stressed and I feel better about myself, like I am on a path to a better future! Cynthia’s confidence in my vision gives me courage.

– Roona Ray, MD

With Cynthia as your coach, you’ll gain skills that transpose across all areas of your life. It’s well worth the investment in time and money. You’ll gain knowledge you didn’t know you needed.
— Kellie Q.

Career coaching with Cynthia has been amazing! I was feeling directionless and stressed out about my career. Cynthia sent me a preliminary questionnaire before our first session which gave me insights I’ve never thought about, and helped us have a very productive, yet fun, first session.

She also gave specific and individualized pointers to help reduce my work-related stress. At the end of each session, she sent me notes which summarized our meeting and provided next steps.

Overall, I’m feeling more confident, less stressed, and really excited about exploring new insights and ideas. Absolutely worth the investment. Thank you so much!

Oh, and she helped me negotiate a 20% raise in salary when I switched employers!

– D.N., MD

Cynthia is the greatest. She really takes the time to customize programs for her clients, so that there are often materials specifically tailored to your problems. It’s also helpful to talk to someone who has gone through a career transition, who has thought hard about working with intention, particularly if you are someone who has done the same.

Before I started coaching, I was facing difficult professional decisions about leaving my job and moving to a new location. I was not fulfilled by my job and I was in the middle of a job search, which was very stressful. But now, things have gotten better! I made a decision to leave my job and free up the space to job search, and I feel generally less stressed. 

I’d recommend Cynthia for anyone who is feeling like they’re going through the job search alone, especially for women and people of color who might feel disadvantaged in that search. She gets that dynamic, and it’s been really helpful to work with someone who knows these dynamics are real.
— Anonymous

Leveraging those who can even help get you, say, 25% closer than doing it alone during negotiations will have an exponential effect in 5-10+ years. Get help from someone who has studied techniques that work.

One session with Cynthia got me a 30% increase in vacation days plus summer Fridays. She takes a comprehensive approach while being nuanced at the same time. Our partnership couldn’t have been better!

– Manna N., MS

Before I started coaching, I was disillusioned professionally and unsure of my next step (either in terms of what city to live in or what career to pursue). I was overwhelmed and it was really hard to begin tasks or to have reasonable expectations about productivity.

But I feel better now! I have written essays and applied to teaching jobs. It’s helpful to be held accountable and good to get positive reinforcements about my decisions and actions. And I recognize when I am being hard on myself and use materials from Cynthia to try to change that behavior.

Working with Cynthia made me realize that it’s possible for me to move ahead and continue to work on the issues that hold me back in my personal and professional life.

My stress level has gone down because when I feel productive, I feel better. Even one session with Cynthia is enough to make you feel less overwhelmed about the work you are trying to finish and the changes you are trying to make.

This isn’t like pushy career counseling that you might find online – Cynthia’s coaching is like professional therapy for brown girls.
— F.N.