Embrace Change® Training Testimonials

Today was awesome. I really enjoyed learning helpful ways to de-stress.
— Medical Resident

Testimonials about Quieting the Mind

Cynthia’s mindfulness training included lots of options and tools to take away balanced with a nice time of sharing quiet and calm practice. I appreciated the space and people to share ideas.
– Activist and artist in NYC

At a training with a nonprofit housing advocacy organization in NYC

Cynthia’s Quieting the Mind training is wonderful.
– Staff member

It was great to re-learn how to focus on breathing. It really helps!
– Staff member

Lots of helpful information. Super friendly, relatable, awesome. Perfect!
– Staff member

Testimonials about Stress Management 101

Cynthia was so great, she has a warm, friendly, open energy! She gave us great tips and I loved the discussion and group interaction. This was a great intro and I would love to experience another of Cynthia’s trainings.
— Staff member

At a training with a nonprofit organization in Brooklyn

The meditation was great. Cynthia is a great presenter – soothing and helpful. I wish it was longer!
– Staff member

I enjoyed everything about Stress Management 101! Practical tools, helpful tips, not overly optimistic – really realistic in what steps can be taken. Thank you!
– Staff member


At an Emergency Medicine residency program in NYC

Today was awesome. I really enjoyed learning helpful ways to de-stress.
– Medical resident

The breathing and meditation exercises were excellent.
– Medical resident

I enjoyed learning brief meditation breathing techniques that can be easily employed during a busy shift.
–Medical resident

Testimonials about Speak & Be Heard

What was great was the opportunity to listen and be in the moment with a co-worker.
— Staff member

At a training with housing advocates

I liked hearing my colleagues' stories and points of view.
– Staff member

I enjoyed feeling connected to my colleagues.
– Staff member

Testimonials about Programs for Lawyers

I’ve never been part of anything like it…It wasn’t just another CLE. I really enjoyed it!
— Lawyer at Mindfulness for Lawyers, Cynthia's CLE presentation at New York County Lawyers Association

Mindfulness training at a law firm

It was practical, digestible and gave me hope.
– Staff Attorney

I loved the meditations.
– Staff Attorney