Embrace Change® training for lawyers and professionals:
Ensure the long-term sustainability of your organization with our wellness training.

Are you and your coworkers suffering from burnout?

Is stress at your workplace hurting the organization financially and otherwise?

Is morale undesirably low?

Are employees leaving?

Then your organization needs to focus its energy on improving the wellness of its staff. Employee wellness is the key to building a positive workplace environment.

Research has shown that positive work environments naturally lead to
increased productivity, employee engagement, and profitability.

The organizations that invest in the health, wellness, and happiness of their employees will be the ones to survive and thrive in the future.

Hiring Cynthia was worth every minute and dollar spent.
The content of her community-building and mindfulness workshops was excellent.
I feel more connected to the people I work with now and thus much more invested in the work that we do for the community we serve.
— Leslie Thrope, Executive Director of Housing Conservation Coordinators
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Why focus on wellness?

It's simple – because people who are happier at work do better work, stay with their organizations for longer, and live healthier and more productive lives!

My firm hired Cynthia Pong from Embrace Change to provide mindfulness training to our attorneys. Cynthia was excellent, she met all our expectations and the attorneys loved that she could relate to their lives, as she is an attorney herself.
I would highly recommend her!
— Anca Munteanu, Marketing Director at Moses & Singer LLP

What participants have said...

...About Cynthia's Speak and Be Heard training for housing advocates:

  • "What was great was the opportunity to listen and be in the moment with a co-worker."
  • "The session showed me how I was able to listen and connect with someone. I wish it would've been longer."
  • "I liked hearing my colleagues' stories and points of view."
  • "I enjoyed feeling connected to my colleagues."


...About Cynthia's Quieting the Mind training for housing advocates:

  • "This workshop was a great reminder to practice breathing to calm down."
  • "I enjoyed learning about the concept of slowing down, rushing less."
  • "It was wonderful."


...About Cynthia's Quieting the Mind training for Partners and Associates at Moses & Singer, LLP:

  • "The presentation was engaging throughout and very welcoming, relaxed."
  • "It was helpful to learn mindfulness techniques with data to backup effectiveness and use."
  • "Great balance between information and meditation."
  • "Great info and very relatable!"


...About Cynthia's mindfulness CLE training for lawyers:

  • "I enjoyed the real-life relatability to our everyday lives and struggles."
  • "Great slideshow, meditations, personal stories. Loved it!"
  • "I've never been part of anything like it...It wasn't just another CLE. I really enjoyed it!"
  • "So refreshing to see a presenter with a healthy attitude!"


...About Cynthia's mindfulness training for activists:

  • "I appreciated that Cynthia gave us lots of options and tools to take away, balanced with a nice time of shared quiet and calm practice."
  • "I enjoyed the examples of mindfulness we can try – especially Mirror Self. Cynthia was a knowledgeable instructor."
  • "I enjoyed the guided meditations. They really helped make me feel grounded and relaxed."


...About Cynthia's mindfulness and community-building workshop for lawyers:

  • "Thank you for the much needed reminder to stop and breathe and listen! I really liked the conversation at the end and would love more of it!"
  • "It was practical, digestible and gave me hope."
  • "I loved the meditations."
  • "The actual mindfulness exercises interspersed during the presentation gave it a practical element and also broke up the session, like a recharge for my attention and focus."


...About Cynthia's mindfulness training for medical residents:

  • "The breathing and meditation exercises were excellent."
  • "Today was awesome. I really enjoyed learning helpful ways to de-stress."
  • "I enjoyed learning brief meditation breathing techniques that can be easily employed during a busy shift."

Our Wellness Programs:

How to Work Happier
3 Wellness Programs for Professionals

Quieting the Mind

An interactive mindfulness training to rewire the brain, decrease work-related stress, and unleash everyone’s full potential.

In this training, you will learn:

  • How harmful stress is to professionals and their workplaces
  • All the ways mindfulness benefits professionals and their workplace
  • What mindfulness actually is
  • How to practice mindfulness in your personal life and at work

It's more than just learning a relaxation technique!


Speak and Be Heard

A participatory community-building workshop to enhance communication, increase efficiency, and create a positive environment in the workplace.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to better support yourself and your colleagues
  • How to connect and communicate more easily with others
  • How to build positive and meaningful relationships in the workplace

It’s more than just team building!


The Path Forward

An action-based goal setting workshop to help your team and organization meet and exceed their goals.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Why goal setting is so important for professionals and their organizations
  • How to identify core values that drive decision-making
  • How to successfully set goals to achieve your vision
  • How to reach your goals through an action and accountability plan

It’s more than just strategic planning!

On Cynthia's Mindfulness and Restorative Practices in the Legal Work Environment Webinar:

  • "I needed to experience this class. Thank you." ― Scott W., Shafter, CA

  • "Best class I've taken. Highly applicable to my life." ― Candace K., Dana Point, CA

  • "Presenter was absolutely terrific. Both engaging and informative." – Jason H., Manhattan, NY

  • "Spectacular, unique, and just what many of us need. Thank you!" – Allyson B., Charlotte, NC

  • "Best CLE yet." ― Nicole D., Oak Park, IL

From Churn-and-Burn to Survive-and-Thrive.