A deep dive into the do’s, don’ts, and how-to’s of negotiating 

Women of color and queer and trans women welcome 

The first We Deserve More workshop + circle was a huge success and I hope to hold more in the future.

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We Deserve More challenged me to up my negotiating skills. My favorite part was going through the negotiation techniques and tactics because it helped me to solidify different ways of negotiating. I loved it!
— A.G.


Do you ever find yourself wishing that we were taught how to negotiate when we were growing up?

Hell, I’m a lawyer and I wish we were taught how to negotiate in law school rather than focusing on memorizing case law for 3 years.

I’ve been hearing similar frustrations from a lot of you and the resounding message coming out of Stop Settling in Your Career was that you all wanted more training on negotiation! So I made this half-day workshop + circle for women focused specifically on just that!

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This is what we’ll dive into in this half-day workshop + circle:

  • What we need to do in order to negotiate more and for more

  • Common barriers to negotiation and how to overcome them

  • Recommended strategies and techniques for successful negotiation 

  • Do’s and Don’ts of negotiation

And we’ll be using different modes of learning, including:

  • Scripted negotiation demos,

  • Fishbowl role-plays to practice techniques,

  • Sharing and learning from each other in a talking circle,

  • Take-home materials for continued learning and practice, and

  • Practical advice and interjections from me throughout :)

It’s not going to be a lecture, it’s going to be less me-talking-at-you than Stop Settling (though you know I can never stop myself from sharing knowledge when I can). It’ll be a true working workshop. I’m keeping it small so that we can really do a deep dive and everyone can get individual time and attention from me and the group.

And it’s going to include a special customized bonus for each participant and worksheets for everyone so that you can have in hand actual tips, techniques, and strategies to help you as you continue to work on your negotiation skillz afterward.

So if you…

  • find yourself frustrated that you were never properly taught how to negotiate,

  • want to feel more confident in negotiating in your career and life (around salary, rates, promotions, workload, working remotely, contracts – really, anything that’s important to you), and 

  • want to do a deep dive into your fraught relationship with negotiation (and money) with other similarly-situated women in a supportive environment,

then We Deserve More is for you.

I loved being with and hearing from other professional women about how they navigate negotiations, difficult situations, challenges and minefields at work! It was helpful to brainstorm useful solutions together and I found the collective exercises and new perspectives really beneficial.
— N.A.

Why I created this workshop + circle

Like I said, I wish I had more training in negotiation before I became a public defender, but most of what I learned about negotiating was from doing it 5 days a week on behalf of my clients in high-stakes situations, and from reading about and teaching myself negotiation techniques after I became a coach.

Since then, I’ve advocated for myself as a solopreneur and have guided many coaching clients through their negotiations – with great success, if I do say so myself :). Now I want to share all the best techniques so that you, too, can feel confident negotiating for yourself on the regular!

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Holding back and staying silent isn’t good for us, the women and girls around us, or our families and communities.

Come to this workshop if you want to recognize your strengths and skills and get empowered to manage your challenges around negotiation with Cynthia’s help.
— M.C.S.

This half-day workshop and circle includes:

+ 3 hours of negotiation training specifically for women 

+ training designed to increase confidence, to build a base of knowledge and concrete skills, and to allow for actual practice of the skills for successful negotiation 

+ personalized coaching for all participants 

+ *special bonus* all participants will receive a customized report of salary / rate range in your field, my recommendations as to what to consider and take into account when negotiating in your field, and my top 3 suggested negotiation strategies for you

+ 2 lucky participants will have their upcoming negotiations workshopped in-depth with the group

+ invaluable worksheets and resources to help you further hone your negotiation skills

+ a supportive environment with similarly-situated women

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Women of color and queer and trans women welcome

Please complete Stop Settling in Your Career (if you haven’t already) before attending We Deserve More, as we will be building on material covered in Stop Settling.

Registration is $75
Early-bird registration by September 30 is $60

Email me at cynthia@embracechange.nyc asap if you need financial aid (bonus: you’ll be jumping headfirst into your negotiation training!).

I stand by my workshops, so there's a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you feel you didn't get your money's worth.

This is a small group workshop, so sign up now to save your seat!

I wasn’t sure if I should attend this workshop, but I’m really glad that I did. I loved the group aspect and the guided conversations.
— I.D.


About Cynthia

Cynthia is a feminist career coach who wants other women – especially women of color – to get paid more, promoted more, and given the respect they deserve. She loves seeing other women succeed, break barriers, and live their own definition of happiness. She has a knack for making people feel at ease and at home and for using this to build connections and community. In her past life, she was a public defender in the Bronx. For more about Cynthia, click here or visit our Resources page.