To help professionals work and live happier.

Cynthia Pong

career Coach & Facilitator

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I am a lawyer-turned-coach whose true passion is helping and supporting people to work and live happier.

I work with professionals – especially women of color and progressive women – in private coaching sessions to help them get clear on their life goals and career paths, manage their stress, and work through the obstacles and challenges they face in their personal and professional lives!

My clients work in a variety of fields, including law, medicine, journalism, filmmaking, academia, activism, and social work in the United States and abroad. I work with clients of all backgrounds, but I specialize in supporting women and women of color – especially those pursuing unconventional paths – so they can thrive in both their personal and professional lives.

I also facilitate group workshops on a variety of topics – including stress management, empowerment of women in their careers, and stress management. I've had the privilege of training thousands of professionals through CLEs, workshops, and other group trainings.

My past deeply influences the ways in which I support my clients in their quest for self-fulfillment and improved wellness. Being a public defender taught me how to ask the right questions to get to the bottom of something and reinforced my zeal for supporting people through times of great difficulty. I counseled thousands of clients and helped them through the worst experience of their lives. My background in mindfulness meditation shapes my ability to help ground and calm my clients while sensing what is holding them back and identifying ways they can overcome.

It's my personal mission to use all my skills and training to help people work and live happier. So if you're ready to make some positive change in your life or in your workplace, let's find the way forward together!

Prior to founding Embrace Change, Cynthia was a public defender in the Bronx for six years, carrying a caseload of 100 to 120 criminal cases at a time. She fought tirelessly for her clients' liberty and rights; all her felony trials resulted in acquittals. Prior to working as a public defender, Cynthia clerked for Justice James E. Graves on the Mississippi Supreme Court. She earned her law degree from NYU School of Law (graduating cum laude) and her Bachelor of Arts from Brown University in Ethnic Studies (graduating magna cum laude). She is admitted to practice law in New York.

Embrace Change Coaching Code

I believe in actively supporting clients in ways tailored to each client so that they see and experience concrete results and benefits from the coaching relationship. 

I will maintain the strictest level of confidentiality with all client information within the coaching relationship unless release is required by law. Clients may, and are encouraged to, take notes during coaching sessions for their own benefit. 

I will ethically speak what I know to be true to clients, current or prospective, about coaching, about me as a coach, and throughout the coaching relationship. 

I will regularly seek out candid feedback from clients to ensure that they continue to receive value and benefit from the coaching relationship.

I respect the client’s right to conclude the coaching relationship at any point during the coaching relationship, subject to the terms of the coaching agreement. I will remain attuned to indications of a shift in value from the coaching relationship, initiate appropriate conversations with clients, and promptly make necessary changes.

I will only enter into coaching arrangements with clients who are a good match for me. I will not enter into a coaching arrangement if I feel the client will not be served by working with me.

Coaching Standards of Quality and Coaching Code available in its entirety here.

Embrace Change Training Code

I strive to deliver high-quality wellness trainings and workshops to help professionals further their careers, align their work with their values, and increase their job satisfaction.

I believe that skills-based training and experiential learning in a supportive environment will help professionals succeed and flourish.

I reject a churn-and-burn culture that prioritizes profits and bottom lines over the wellbeing and happiness of people.