Embracing Change!

Big changes are happening over here at Embrace Change, set to be unveiled a bit later on, when we transition from summer to fall.

As a special sneak peek, please check out the just-revamped, new and improved Embrace Change Resources page, chock full of free videos, worksheets, and tips for living and working happier.

Stay tuned to our next few editions for more news on this front :)

In case you missed it, check out this Huffington Post piece on stopping employee burnout I was recently quoted in!


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Stop Settling in Your Career

A timely, interactive, and powerful workshop for women

Come with your questions, quandries, and real-life problems &

Leave with 3 simple ways to stop settling in our careers and stand up for ourselves and our sisters

Stay tuned for details on date, location, and how to sign up!

*Cartoon Credit: Will the Gender Pay Gap Shrink in the Future?


Three sets of 5 little tips for living a happier life, living a right life, living your best life. My version of Triple5Soul :)

Here's your first installment:

5 Lessons Most People Learn Way Too Late in Life from Inc.com:

  1. Being happy takes a lot of work. But it's just as much work – if not more – to be unhappy.
  2. Everything is temporary, so make the most out of all of it.
  3. Being happy takes practice.
  4. The happiest people tend to be the ones who've worked the most on themselves.
  5. Invest in yourself.

A different kind of blog post

In lieu of your monthly resource this time around, I wanted to share something a little bit different. It’s far more personal (and, I am half rolling my eyes as I say this, more vulnerable) than my usual fare. But that doesn’t make it any less important.

  • Summer brings to mind sunny skies and smiles, but it was more of a mixed forecast for me this year. Read on if you want to know the truth...! #RealTalk


How to Reframe the Conversation...

...When you're asked for your current salary in an interview.

I was recently quoted in an article, The One Question You Should Try NEVER to Answer in a Job Interview, which inspired me to share in a longer post what job applicants can actually say when confronted with this question (particularly if they were underpaid in their last job or are looking to make a higher salary in the new job).

If you're curious, you can read my full post here! Comments, shares, likes, and follows greatly appreciated :)

On Workplace Burnout

Employee burnout is a growing problem for businesses, even though most companies don't think it's a priority. (More on this here.)

Fifty percent of working people feel burnt out, which means at least half of our workforce is also suffering from emotional exhaustion, which leads to loneliness. Loneliness, which manifests as physical pain in our brains, results in employee disengagement (as well as poor health and decreased life span). Check out this fascinating read on burnout and loneliness, and what companies and employees can do about it!

Spoiler alert: One thing companies can do is to stop treating burnout as merely an individual resilience issue and to take concrete steps to institutionalize community building and foster positive relationships at work!

For more on what Embrace Change can do for your company, check out our How to Work Happier program series. How to Work Happier includes Speak & Be Heard, a community-building workshop that can be tailored to any workplace that wants to prevent burnout and disengagement and boost retention and productivity!