Year-End Top 10 Free Resources!

I love creating resources to help my clients work and live happier.

Here are my Top 10 Free Resources all in one place: my year-end present to you :) 

Career and Emotion Management

Managing Work-Related Perfectionism

Saying No

Daily Journaling for Busy Professionals

Goals and Time Management

Accountability Tip Sheet

Weekly Scheduling Packet

Time Charter


For Difficult Times: A 2-Minute Meditation

PEACE Poster

The Big Picture

The Wheel

Locus of Control

Here's to everything you've accomplished in 2017 and getting to where you want to go in 2018!

Now don't forget to give yourself a much-deserved break!!

What will you let go of in 2018?

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

Early on in my business, when I was focused entirely on mindfulness training, I wrote and recorded a meditation called Letting Go.

At the time, I wanted to create a guided meditation to help people let go of negative emotions, difficulties that weighed on their minds, stressful experiences that held them back.

But now that I’ve been working more with my clients in the context of their careers – navigating crossroads, balancing work and personal life, and advocating for themselves in the workplace –

letting go has taken on additional layers of meaning.

Now, letting go makes me think about saying no, a topic that I created a worksheet for and that features prominently in my workshop. As organizational consultant Peter Block says,

If we never say no, then our yes means nothing.

What do we need to let go of in our lives – personal and professional – in order to make room for other, more important, or different, things? (Tasks that we could be skipping or delegating to have more time with our family, for example.)

What do we continue to say yes to that ends up sapping our time and energy? (Mind-numbing tasks that we could eliminate, streamline, or automate.) 

What do we need to set aside in order to move forward?

A mug my colleagues at the public defender's office gave me when I left.

A mug my colleagues at the public defender's office gave me when I left.

Sometimes the Letting Go that we need to do is more profound.

Maybe what we need to ask ourselves is: Do I need to let go of a particular idea, or version, of me? Do I need to let go of the way I currently see myself?

I certainly had to let go of the idea of myself as a public defender (and as a practicing lawyer), an identity that I had long considered My Only Identity and My One And Only Destiny. But in letting go of that, there was room. A lot of room. For exploration, for experimentation, for growth, for movement.

I had to put that identity down in order to create space, time, and energy to create new identities, to start and build Embrace Change, to stretch myself in previously unimaginable ways.

The end of one calendar year and the start of another is an optimal time to sit and reflect on this for yourself:

What isn’t working in your life right now? What are the things that aren’t serving you? What do you need to say no to? What do you need to let go of?

For me, the answers include Twitter (gasp!), my Yes! Less Stress! coaching program (double gasp!), and a whole slew of professional networking and membership organizations.

You can think of this as your anti-New Year’s Resolutions.

Instead of resolving to do more things and say yes more often, resolve to say a few no’s and practice letting go.

Let’s see what magical things start to grow in the space you’ve reclaimed.

Stop Settling in Your Career: A Workshop for Women


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Lessons from My “Automatic Reset”

A guest post by Nariya Worrell

Think of when your phone automatically resets. For some reason, it crashed and you lost all your data, pictures, and settings.

You didn’t plan it. It’s usually inconvenient (to say the least) and wiped out all the things you had so perfectly set up to suit your needs. Now, think about an event or set of events that abruptly and unexpectedly forces you to reconfigure your life. In my case, it was the health crisis my father faced last October that required me to be more present for my family than I had been before. 

Almost five years ago, I decided to leave the 9-5 work life to become an independent consultant. One of the reasons for this was to have a more flexible schedule so I’d have more time for family. What I didn’t realize was how quickly my non-9-5, “open” and “flexible” schedule would fill up. I was always busy – working on projects, meeting potential partners, meeting clients, doing administrative work, researching, and on and on. 

Last October, all of that changed. I was forced to reconfigure my life.

And what I realized was that this “automatic reset” gave me an opportunity to rethink my approach to work and life. Here are three lessons I learned.

Set limits.

We’re always busy. How much of our busy-ness is worthwhile – fruitful, productive? When you have to make quick decisions about urgent things, you’d be surprised how easily you can say, “nope, I can’t do it” and not feel badly about it.

Do you have to take every meeting, call or invitation? If you do, what's the most efficient way to handle them? Are you making and adhering to agendas, setting boundaries around your time and the scope of your commitments?

Even without a reset, we could all do with valuing our time more and committing to the activities and people who add value to our lives.

Stop Flying Solo. (I’m still working on this.)

The thing you’ve been pretending that you understand but you don’t. The support you need for yourself or a loved one but are too proud to ask for? Cut it out. What are you pretending you have a handle on but really need help with?

As I’m saying this to you, I’m saying it to myself; there are things I've labored over for days that were resolved within minutes of sending a text to folks who had the answer. I often wonder what a difference it would’ve made in my life if I more readily said, “I don’t know…but who does?”

Everyone needs support. It’s ok. Just ask.

Rest. (I’m working on this one too.)

My mother calls moments like these, “receiving an ounce of hush.” She means that, despite everything going on, life can hit the "mute" button for us. Nowadays, we’re more stretched, more “on,” more worried and juggling more things than ever before. But if we truly want to get through to the other side of our challenges healthy, whole and undamaged, we have to take care of ourselves – as a daily practice. A week-long vacation scheduled for six months from now is not going to cut it. All we have is today, this moment.

So you know what I take time to enjoy now? Baseball. Why? Because I get to watch it with my father who LOVES baseball. Even better, my mother who, after 50+ years of marriage and knowing and loving my father for all that time, is finally watching baseball too. My sister and I watch it with them. It has become our thing and it makes me feel good.

There are lots of ways you can take care of yourself. Don’t overthink it. What’s one small, loving thing you can do for yourself each day?

I learned so much from my "automatic reset." While everyone’s reset is unique, they often require skills and emotional strength that we didn't even know we had. Think of how resourceful you are when you’re trying to recover all the phone numbers or pictures you lost from your phone.

While we don't normally appreciate automatic resets, they give us a chance to tap into all the internal resources that we had forgotten about – or didn't even know we had. 


Nariya Worrell is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. As a consultant, she provides program, staff and organizational development services to community-based businesses and organizations. She has a private therapy practice and is currently offering a group for women called Navigating Crossroads. She is also writing her first collection of short stories.

Free Resource: Time Charter Worksheet

Your time is precious. Your time is valuable. Your time is finite.

Modern life is full of different and competing demands on our time, so we have to find ways to allocate our time that

  • meet our needs,
  • add value to our lives, and
  • leave enough time, space, and energy for us.

Use this simple worksheet to regain control over your time and energy with a few basic protocols!

For additional reading on managing your time and getting things done from a real guru, check out Cal Newport's work. I highly recommend it!