I provide highly customized coaching for my clients – mid-career women of color – to get them to their career goals. Everyone’s situation and needs are unique. Whether you want to change careers, strengthen your negotiation skills, grow your own business, or something in between, I can help get you to your goals. I offer three types of coaching:

#1 Comprehensive Coaching

My most popular program, Comprehensive Coaching is the best way to create sustainable change, while crafting a tailored and strategic plan to help you reach your career goals. If you’re looking for executive coaching, business coaching, or guidance identifying what kind of work to transition into, then this program is for you.

#2 career 20/20

This intensive coaching program is a jump start for professionals who want to make a specific career change. If you know what kind of work or career change you want, but don’t know how to get there, then this program is for you.

#3 Power Sessions

Power Sessions are one-time coaching sessions to brainstorm and strategize around one specific issue. If you need to prepare for a negotiation, a job interview, or a difficult conversation, for example, then a Power Session is what you need.

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Am I the right career coach for you?

Fit is crucial in ensuring a productive and worthwhile career coaching experience. That’s why I make every effort to be as transparent as possible.

This is what I’m like.

I’m an incredibly pragmatic person. I used to be a lawyer. I'm obsessed with problem-solving and finding viable solutions and answers for my clients.

I tend to have a lot of ideas. And I will tell you what I think – even if it’s a bit of tough love. I’m deeply invested in my clients’ success, something that carried over from my public defender days.

My clients get a stalwart support and real results.

I have coached dozens of clients to their career goals, including things like:

  • increases in pay or starting offer of up to 20% more than the initial amount;

  • clarity and confidence in their leadership abilities, interviewing skills, and career paths; and

  • creating realistic and sensible business strategies and landing 5-figure B2B contracts.

If this is what you’re looking for in a career coach, then let’s talk.

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If you want clarity on how to run or grow your business, Cynthia knows what she’s doing. She will deliver quality and insight on whatever it is you need!
— Brittany Chavez, Co-Founder of ShopLatinx
I have struggled to find satisfaction in sticking to one career path. But because of Cynthia’s coaching, I got a promotion, am no longer bored with my path, and look forward to continued success!
— Jacque DuBose, Associate Trainer, T-Mobile & Owner, Jacque DuBose Knits