Embrace ChangeSM coaching specializes in supporting and empowering women of color and allies – especially those who have dreams that aren’t exactly the norm.

Are you pursuing a non-traditional path in life?

Do you have dreams and aspirations that are different from the people around you?

Do you feel stressed, confused, and alone?

Then you're in the right place.

I'm Cynthia. And I know what it's like to want something different from everyone around me. I'm an Ivy-educated and NYU-trained lawyer who started her dream career as a public defender. Things were great. But as the years passed, I kept feeling like I needed and wanted something different, something more. So I left. And now I own my own business, as a life coach and wellness trainer.

I have always tried to do things differently and, let's face it, the unconventional paths in life are often uphill, unmarked, and meandering. It's stressful. It's frustrating. It can be completely overwhelming.

I know because I've been there. And now I'm here to support, advise, and empower my clients, who dare to dream big, who want more, who are willing to invest in themselves and their unique vision.

If any of this resonates with you, check out my coaching programs and drop me a line – because going after your unconventional goals and dreams shouldn't be stressful, confusing, and lonely.

You can do this. And I can help get you there.

Cynthia is amazing. She will get to your goals. She’s empowering, productive and consistent and very easy to talk with. What’s special about working with Cynthia is how extraordinarily present she is. She has a solid demeanor that is at once empathetic and professional. She is motivating but not pushy. She ALWAYS has a great idea when I am stumped. Cynthia’s great!
— Pooja K., from New York

I also offer resume and cover letter services as well as interview prep and support. Please contact me for a free consult and quote (rates start at $100).

"Within only 24 hours, Cynthia helped me to power through a challenging job application. She worked really fast and was extremely responsive. Cynthia was thoughtful, enthusiastic and full of great ideas. Just by speaking to her, I felt re-energized and re-gained confidence in my career ambitions.

"Beyond this job application, working with Cynthia helped me see that I am qualified to apply for leadership positions. She also showed me how to articulate my ideas in a more assertive way.

"Hiring Cynthia for resume and cover letter services or interview prep is a great investment in your career." – M.S.

Full details coming soon!