Power Sessions

Are you looking for strategic coaching on a specific career-related issue? If so, then a Power Session is exactly what you need. 

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If you want help:

  • strategically planning a negotiation,

  • preparing for an intimidating interview,

  • revamping your resume/CV, cover letter template, or online bios, or

  • problem-solving around another discrete career-related issue or dilemma,

then sign up for a Power Session today!

It’s not just an impactful hour-long video chat coaching session. It also includes:

  • insightful and powerful pre-work;

  • a comprehensive follow-up email from me setting out your action steps;

  • additional resources;

  • principles and strategies to remember; and

  • email support from sign-up until one week after your session.

Powering through these kinds of challenges is much easier with a career coach by your side. After your Power Session, you’ll have actual action steps that you can take to move you forward, greater clarity into the challenges you’re facing, and powerful and transformative insights that are yours for life.

What A Power Session Includes

1 60-minute career coaching session over video chat

    What is this session for?
    • to gain insight into your particular challenge
    • to strategize solutions and action steps for you to move through the challenge

An illuminating preliminary questionnaire

    What is this for?
    • to give you clarity you've never had before
    • to help me come up with ideas, tactics, and strategies that will help you get to your goal
    • to help you get the most out of our time together

Resources curated specifically for you

    What are these for?
    • to get you to your goal faster
    • to help you process, understand, and internalize what we covered in our Power Session

Email support

    What is this for?
    • to support you before and for up to one week after your Power Session
    • a comprehensive follow-up email that doubles as a to-do list and follow-up reminders, as needed, to keep you focused and on track

Got more questions? I got answers. See coaching FAQ.


Power Sessions, including all the email support before and after, are $300 each.

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Cynthia is so thorough, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping her clients. I can be sure that every client of hers is getting their money’s worth.
— Brittany Chavez, Co-Founder of ShopLatinx
Cynthia was just what I needed. She understood where I was coming from and the unique challenges I faced as a woman of color professional.
— Roona Ray, MD

If you're interested in a Power Session, but have limited funds, here’s a special offer for you:

Power Sessions Lite

A Power Session Lite is 45 minutes of phone-only career coaching and the investment is only $100.

This is what happens when you sign up for a Power Session Lite:

  • After we have our free phone consult (click the yellow button below to schedule this), I will email you a link to sign up, pay, and schedule your session.

  • At the time of your session, you will call me at 347-620-6328.

  • We have a 45-minute phone coaching session filled with strategic advice and recommendations on actionable next steps, during which you are free to take notes to help you remember the takeaways.

  • A Power Session Lite does not include email support or document editing.

Book your free consult

I am currently not accepting new clients. Sign up for my newsletter The Trajectory to receive updates on when consults are open again!

After our session, I was emboldened to ask for my worth with prospective clients. As someone who is used to underselling themselves, imagine my surprise and relief when the client accepted it!
— Nicole Espina