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Online workshop

Stop Settling in Your Career:
Salaried Professionals' Edition

This workshop is ideal for women who are:

  • tired of getting paid less than their male counterparts,

  • sick of being stuck with the "office housework," or doing the emotional labor in the office, or

  • over being overworked and under-valued in the workplace.

This workshop is ideal for women who:

  • need help setting and negotiating your rates so that you can be compensated properly for your labor,

  • are tired of feeling disempowered in your interactions with clients and potential clients, or

  • have trouble saying no and holding boundaries when it comes to your work.

In-Person Workshop

We Deserve More

This workshop is ideal for women who want to:

  • learn and practice negotiation strategies that work,

  • feel more confident negotiating in their career and life, and 

  • want to do a deep dive into their relationship with negotiation and asking for more.

Attending Cynthia’s workshop gave me the courage to get out of a terrible job and get a new one – with the offer that I wanted! I thought I was being crazy when I started standing up for myself at work, but it paid off in something way better.
Cynthia’s words are so powerful. I feel really blessed to have been at her workshop. Seriously, THANK YOU!
— T.G., Workshop Participant

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