Will the legal industry ever change?

I was at a big wedding this past weekend where I had a ton of great conversations with people about my work providing wellness training for lawyers. Turns out people are really intrigued and supportive of this idea! :)

But the one question I was asked over and over again – with varying levels of skepticism in the intonation – was: "Will law firms ever change, though??"

It is, admittedly, hard to imagine many corporate law firms – especially Big Law – embracing the idea of mindfulness workshops, strengths-based training, or caring about building a positive environment at their firm.

But there are firms out there who will appreciate and understand that the landscape that law firms now face means that they need to retain the talented lawyers they have, rather than spend money hiring more than they need just to burn them out and let them go.

There are others, still, who will resist and resist the concept of a positive work environment (which research that has shown increases productivity and profitability)...Until a moment of reckoning, when the tides of change force them to adapt or face imminent closure.

At the end of the day, change is truly the only constant. The way things are going in the legal world now, the sooner a firm starts adapting, the better – because there will come a time when it will simply be too late.

So for those who are ready, we are here to help :)