Goals - not just for the new year!

Goals. They aren't just for New Years' resolutions that inevitably get dropped, ignored, or forgotten. What's stopping us from setting goals for ourselves year-round? Nothing! So let's end 2016 on a good note, shall we?? :)

Goals are especially important for us to be fully engaged in our work – because we need to know and feel like we are growing in order to stay invested.

The best way to do this is to set a work goal and then delineate and take small steps to achieve it! Here are four tips for setting an achievable goal and staying accountable:

  • Make sure your goal is really important to you; the more you care about it, the more likely you are to put in the work needed to reach it!
  • Make sure your goal is something that you have control over – it wouldn’t make sense to set a goal that someone or something else could stop you from reaching.
  • State each goal in a positive and specific way, i.e., “Take 5-minute breaks each hour,” rather than “Get rid of unhealthy work habits.”
  • Break up your goal into a series of small steps and tie each one to a timeline!

Now go make your goal a reality!