Mindful Awareness In Just 15 Seconds

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As lawyers, we are almost always under some kind of pressure – whether it’s time pressure from a looming deadline or pressure to perform at a court appearance, deposition, argument, or meeting. Whenever you find yourself getting a little stressed, agitated, or just feeling not quite yourself, gently shift your attention to the present moment by doing 15-second mindful awareness meditations like these: 

I am in a room right now

I am sitting on a chair

I feel the chair underneath me

I feel the floor underneath my feet

I am breathing in and out.


I’m sitting on a bench in court

I have files in my lap

I see the judge on the bench

I see the court clerk

I am breathing in and out.


I am walking on the street

I am carrying my work bag

I see the people around me

I see the cars on the street

I am breathing in and out.

Practicing mindfulness, including doing 15-second meditations like these regularly, will help you manage your stress, make you feel more in control, and help you perform better in court and at the office!

Thanks and have a great day!