Goooooooooal!!!!!! Launching A Series Of Tips + Tools

A lot of my one-on-one work with stressed out professionals centers around goal setting. To help people regain balance, feel more content, and achieve more, we work on developing really specific and clear goals, specifically tailored to them and their lives.

Next, we methodically break them down into small, un-intimidating (is that a word?) pieces tied to a timeline. And then they're off to the races!

But, before we get to any of that, the first step is actually a deep-thinking exercise about values. Hmmmm?? Yes, VALUES. Because our underlying values – the things that are truly most important to us in life – affect our life and career goals. So we have to take them into account, if we want to feel happy and less stressed. Put another way, our values are an invisible guide for how we organize our lives – our time, our priorities, and our actions.

So what are your deepest values? Here's a 5-minute worksheet to help get you started.

I'll be sharing more goal setting worksheets in the next few weeks, so be sure to be on the lookout!