Attn: Stressed Out Professionals!

Ever said to yourself: I'm so a) stressed out b) exhausted c) overwhelmed d) angry e) frustrated f) ALL OF THE ABOVE???

And then followed it up with: I don't have time to meditate, I have too much work! Or: How could mindfulness ever help me? Or: I don't know even know how or where to start :-/

Welp, it's your lucky day because I've just released 2 brand new videos to teach you 15-second mindfulness! (Pick your jaw up off the floor! :D)

Along with my first video made especially for lawyers, these now round out the trifecta, so mosey on over to our YouTube channel to check them out today!

15-Second Mindful Awareness FOR DOCTORS

15-Second Mindful Awareness FOR PROFESSIONALS

15-Second Mindful Awareness FOR LAWYERS

Thank you for watching and thank you for sharing!