On Workplace Burnout

Employee burnout is a growing problem for businesses, even though most companies don't think it's a priority. (More on this here.)

Fifty percent of working people feel burnt out, which means at least half of our workforce is also suffering from emotional exhaustion, which leads to loneliness. Loneliness, which manifests as physical pain in our brains, results in employee disengagement (as well as poor health and decreased life span). Check out this fascinating read on burnout and loneliness, and what companies and employees can do about it!

Spoiler alert: One thing companies can do is to stop treating burnout as merely an individual resilience issue and to take concrete steps to institutionalize community building and foster positive relationships at work!

For more on what Embrace Change can do for your company, check out our How to Work Happier program series. How to Work Happier includes Speak & Be Heard, a community-building workshop that can be tailored to any workplace that wants to prevent burnout and disengagement and boost retention and productivity!