On the Beauty of Writing Things Down

For those of you who know me, I’m a huge fan of writing things down. Mostly because I get overly stressed out when I have to keep too many things in my head! It’s like juggling, right? I know I’m gonna drop something! Also, since most of my writing nowadays is done on the computer or phone, I do savor the chance to write things down on paper.


I’m also a huge fan of planning things out strategically. Without a plan, I just feel lost and directionless. And I’m much less likely to be productive. Which then makes me feel worse because I am definitely one of those people who gets an adrenaline rush from productivity and crossing things off lists.

Speaking of which, every morning, I start my day by writing down a simple to do list (one much like the one I share in my Weekly Scheduling Packet. If I’m doing particularly well, I’ll even write this list the night before! But usually I create it in the morning, which helps focus me before I do my meditation and get my day started.

Image courtesy of  The Content Planner .

Image courtesy of The Content Planner.

Recently, I was super excited to win my first Instagram giveaway! While I’ve now run a few giveaways myself, I had never won one, so I felt pretty special. Even better, and relevant to this post ;-) the prize was a sleek, beautiful Content Planner that I can use for planning out my Instagram posts! Up till now, I had really only been planning things out from week to week, which is really not sufficient for some of the bigger goals of having a social media account for my business.

So now I get to plan things out as far in advance as I want, all while literally seeing the bigger picture, and get all the benefits of writing things out by hand! If you want to see what difference it makes for my IG account, go ahead and check it out here! And click on over to thecontentplanner.com if you want to check that out!

Writing and planning are my go-to’s for keeping myself sane in a busy line of work – what are yours?