Take 5! Give Yourself a Break from the Stress

As we transition into fall, things can get pretty overwhelming pretty fast. The hustle and bustle around you, people hurrying to and from work, students hitting the books again – all of these energies affect us, maybe more deeply than we realize (or care to admit).

When you sense your stress levels going up, when your mind is working at a pace more frantic than you'd like, or if you're being pulled in more than one direction, take a quick time out to give yourself some space from the external stressors and reengage with your body.

All it takes is 5 minutes to listen to my free Body Scan meditation (my most popular meditation!). You'll feel better and be able to retackle your work with increased focus and efficiency. And, of course, the more regularly you practice mindfulness (even if it's a few minutes a day), the more physical and mental health benefits you'll reap, too!

To create a shortcut on your smartphone's home screen so you can instantly access this and other meditations, use these easy-to-follow instructions for any smartphone or tablet.

Good luck out there!

If you find yourself struggling...Remember that, while transitions can be challenging, you have survived countless transitions before. As you take on what you're now facing, know that you are better equipped than you think!

And if you'd like more guidance, please don't hesitate to drop me a line!