5⟡5⟡5 (part 3)

Three sets of 5 little tips for living a happier life, living a right life, living your best life. My version of Triple5Soul :)

Here's your third and final installment (part 1 here and part 2 here).

5 Practices for Nurturing Happiness from Thich Nhat Hanh:

  1. The first method of creating joy and happiness is to cast off, to leave behind, to let go.
  2. We can selectively water the good seeds in our consciousness and refrain from watering the negative seeds.
  3. With mindfulness, breathing in becomes a delight, and breathing out can also be a delight. This is joy and happiness.
  4. Concentration is born from mindfulness. Concentration is power and energy.
  5. Insight is seeing what is there to liberate us from afflictions such as jealousy or anger, and allow true happiness to come. Every one of us has insight.