Seeking Beta Testers for Yes! Less Stress!

Did you know more heart attacks happen on Mondays? The day most people GO BACK TO WORK??  :(

Out-of-control work stress isn't new, but it's an urgent problem in many of our professions.

...Which brings me to the BIG NEWS that I couldn't wait to tell you, my friends!!

As many of you know, I offer life and career coaching for stressed out professionals. It's the part of Embrace Change that I'm most proud of because of the positive impact that I've been able to have on my clients in real and concrete ways. #cheesy (I know.)

But the truth is, I LOVE working with people individually in this capacity and I want to be able to offer more in this area.

So I'm thrilled to let you all know that I'm launching a new one-on-one coaching program! It's called Yes! Less Stress! and it's specifically designed to tackle and address work-related stress.

All the details are here, but I currently have space for 5 beta testers to participate in Yes! Less Stress! at a serious discount. And I'm challenging myself to find these 5 special people by 4/10!

So if you know any stressed out professionals (maybe it's you?!) who want 1-on-1 help coming up with a personalized work stress management plan, please tell them to sign up here!

Yes! Less Stress!