Goal Setting: Step 3

Alright, friends, this is step 3 of our series of tips + tools to help professionals with their goal setting! (Catch up to us by checking out Step 1 and Step 2 first, if you missed them the first time around.)

This is a great introspective exercise called the Wheel of Life. It'll help you take a quick look at how you're living your life – how you're spending your time, which areas of your life you might want to spend more or less time on, how you might want to redistribute your energy.

First, you'll choose 6 to 10 life categories or life roles (e.g., Caregiver, Art, Financial Freedom, etc.) that are most important to you. Then, you'll rate your satisfaction with them from 0 to 10. Lastly, you'll be prompted with a few questions to help you reflect.

After which, you will be ready for our next installment, Choosing a Priority Goal!

Enjoy! See you next time!